From the outset, Hruby had one simple goal—to create the perfect unisex sweater. A year of development resulted in our beloved Fårö sweater, available in a variety of colors. The reaction from our community and industry was overwhelming—the Fårö was a resounding success. In response, Hesperios premiered its first full collection in Spring, 2016. Later that year, we published the first issues of the Hesperios Journal, a community space for our collaborators and for the people and ideas that inspire us. The Hesperios Journal is the heart of our brand.

Hesperios Collection:

Hesperios was born from Hrubý’s desire to create an elegant and timeless knitwear collection. That process began with the most iconic of knitwear staples: the sweater. From this essential wardrobe classic, worn season after season, the Hesperios range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories has grown.With a focus on fine yarns and fabrics sourced from Italy and Peru, Hesperios produces each collection using the finest baby alpaca wool, cashmere, silk, and pima cotton. Four seasons a year, a luxurious range of chic and playful silhouettes are presented in unique, delicate and nature-inspired color palettes. Hesperios makes quality, long-lasting products, manufactured in New York City, Los Angeles, and Lima, Peru. We are committed to only working with factories and suppliers that do not exploit workers, animals, or the environment.