Shop & Café
23 Cleveland Place
New York, New York

Between Spring and Kenmare

(212) 226 – 2413

Hours of Operation:
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11AM – 7PM
Wednesday 11AM – 7PM
Thursday 11AM – 7PM
Friday 11AM – 7PM
Saturday 11AM – 7PM
Sunday 11AM – 7PM


Hesperios’s flagship boutique is located in the SoHo district of New York City on the ground floor of a restored 19th-century brick building. Here, you will find the Hesperios Collection, designer apparel and accessories, books, ceramics and home goods. Sharing the boutique space is our kitchen, featuring a simple, seasonal menu, sourcing local and organic ingredients. Together the boutique and café offer retail, hospitality but, most of all, calm. Hesperios is a city retreat.

Sharing the boutique space is our kitchen, featuring: a simple, seasonal menu, sourcing local and organic ingredients; freshly baked goods delivered by Meyers Bageri; homemade butter, jam, and honey; cheese plates and afternoon tea sets providing 12 varieties by House of Waris Tea & Company; and a specialty drink menu hand-crafted by Selma Slabiak (previously of Michelin star restaurant, Aska). The menu will be tightly focused, using local produce and changing according to the seasons. We have partnered with Saxelbys Cheese Mongers for our dairy, SideHill Farm for our jams, and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters.


Hesperios has collaborated with a number of designers, artists, and organizations. Design collaborations available in store include: American artist, Jim Drain; Swedish artist, Malin Gabriella Nordin; Dutch ceramicist, Babs Haenen; Swedish ceramicist, Lena Willhammar; American painter, Diana H. Stockton of Stems Napa Valley. Other in-store collaborations include: American designer, Maximum Henry.

The magazine and book stand stock the Hesperios Journal, The Paris Review, OpenHouse Magazine, Lapham’s Quarterly, and Big Big Wednesday; and a curated selection of limited edition and used literary, art and poetry books by Erik Heywood of Book/Shop and Hesperios founder Autumn Hruby.

The shop also features objects/furniture from Muller van Severen, Erik Heywood and Andrew Trotter.

Further Opportunities at Hesperios Boutique and Café:

Guest Series: Using our kitchen, indoor communal tables with seating up to 50, and an outdoor garden which can seat up to 60, we host a “guest-series” paid dinner experience with a rotation of celebrated chefs.

Rotating Art Exhibits: An essential part of our yearly program will be exhibiting artists. Everything in the collection will be available for purchase and works will remain available for viewing until the end of the exhibition. Many of the artists featured will also be featured in our journal.

Events, Rentals, Pop-Ups, Dinners: We partner with complementary brands, artists and public figures on pop-ups, launches, and culinary events, including renting our location for photo shoots and specialty events.