Hesperios Journal, Winter 2016 MEMORY

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The Hesperios Journal is an annual anthology of classic and contemporary art, literature, and travel. Each issue presents works by both celebrated and emerging artists, a number of which have collaborated with us on limited editions for our online and brick-and-mortar shop. The journals are distributed internationally through art and design book stores, galleries, newsstands, museums and boutiques.


Editor-in-Chief /Creative Director: Autumn Hruby

Art Director / Design / Production: Henrik Nygren Design

Senior Editor: Katherine Krause

Literary Editor: Erik Heywood

Music Editor: Dan Lardner

Creative Producer: Miye McCullough

Production Director: Veronica Slaney Øvregård

Website Production: We Are Yours, Stockholm / Henrik Nygren Design



Contributors: Mitsuo Katsui, Babs Haenen, Marcelo Gomes, Diana Stockton, Gustaf von Arbin, Patrick Fraser, Dan Lardner, Malcolm Ford, Jack Byrne, Autumn Hruby, Stella Berkofsky, Katherine Krause, Erik Heywood, Shaun Hartas, Todd Cole, Chris Fischer, Violet Cheverez.